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Our next ACPC Joint Service will be at St James’, Pictou on Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 11:00am, followed by a potluck lunch.

Next Bible & Brew: (There will be no Bible & Brew in March or April to allow attendance at the Lenten Bible Study)
Word Day of Prayer: Friday, March 6, 2 pm at Pictou United Church
Family Fun & Food Night: March 7, 2020 at St Bees’, Westville from 4 to 6pm

Gospel according to Johnny Cash: April 26 at St James’, Pictou from 4 to 6pm


ACPC Council Meeting: Tuesday, March 10. 7:00pm at St James’.
Visioning: March 3 at  7:00pm at St Bees’
Wardens: March 12, 7:00pm at Christ Church

Licensed Lay Ministers: Feb 27, 7:00pm at Christ Church.

Spiritual Development: April 27, 7:00pm at St James’, Pictou
EfM Online: every Sunday starting at 4:00pm

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 17 St. Bees AGM followed by Parish Council meeting 

Feb. 22 Prayer Workshop Part Two, St. Bees 9:30-noon

Feb. 26.. Ash Wednesday  St. James 10 am, Christ Church 6 pm

Feb. 29 ACPC AGM, St. James 11 am

March 2  Bible Study St. Bees’ 6:30 (weekly Bible Study during Lent) ((More info here.)

March 3 PCCC 9am at the correctional facility

March 3   Visioning, St. Bees 7 pm

March 4 Bible Study, St. James’ 6:30 (weekly Bible Study during Lent)((More info here.)
March 6 Pictou World Day of Prayer 2 pm at Pictou United Church

March 7, Family and Fun St. Bees 4-6

March 9 Bible Study St. Bees 6:30

March 10 ACPC St. James 7 pm

March 11 Glen Haven

March 11 Bible Study St. James 6:30

March 12. Wardens Christ Church
March 14 Regional Council AGM- Antigonish

March 17  St. James PC

April 5 Palm Sunday Combined Service at St James

April 26 at St James. Gospel According to Johnny Cash

Annual General Meetings:


St James’: Feb 16

St Bees’: Feb 17

ACPC: February 29. 11:00am followed by potluck meal @ St James’

Please Note:

The deadline for enrolment in the “Secret Prayer Partners” program is February 16.

Click here to save a copy of the enrolment form.