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Last updated March 12, 2010

Service of New Ministry

St James, Pictou

June 18, 2008


Choir prepariing for the service

The Church Wardens sign the ACPC Covenant

L to R Archdeacon Peter Armstrong, David Harrison, Chair, ACPC; Al Knox, Vice Chair ACPC; Archdeacon Fred Rhymes.

Signing the COvenant

David Harrison and Al Knox sign the Covenant on behalf of ACPC

Sue Hemmings, Lay Reader; Rev'd Bill White and Archdeacon Fred Rhymes

Sue Hemmings and Rev'd Bill White wearing the 2010 vestments


The choir and layreaders preparing to enter the church

The ACPC Organists:

Julie Wynands, Veronica MacDonald, and Martha White








Photographs courtesy of Heather Knox. If anyone has digital photographs to share, please send them to Dave Harrison

Relaxing after the service

Illa Mailman, Lillian Stroud, Jaye Talbot, Norma Mitchell and Ruth Kingsbury

Scanned from photographs taken by Inna Harrison