Message from our Rector

Here is a resource for studying the Bible, try it out and sees what you think.

As your rector I am keeping you all in prayers, each and everyone of you are on my heart.

I am following night and day what is happening in the world and how people are responding. Clergy are needed more than ever to help keep the community connected. I give thanks for all the leaders who are sending prayers and reflections for all to share and participate in. I know I need to be a presence and will be recording soon, Holy Communion/Eucharist, as well as Compline. It is a time to be creative with liturgy so I will use not only our traditional services of worship but others approved for use in the Anglican Church.

We are living in strange times, we need to pray together for each other and the unity of God's church. Pray for those who are vulnerable, alone and afraid. Pray for the leaders and medical workers. And pray for all those who are still working in public to provide food and services to us as they risk their own heath and safety. Remember, we are not alone, God suffers with us and the hurting world. May you all feel the peace and love of our lord and pass sit on to those you speak with this day.


Rev. Darlene